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Automotive Shop In The Heart of Richmond Hill Area



Its always been a dream of mine to one day open and operate my own automotive repair business. It was important for me to gain enough experience and knowledge in the industry so I could provide the best service for my potential customers (friends).

I believe there's no better time then now and I'm confident that your satisfaction will be met. Lucky Eight Auto will be a shop that will have an easy going and comfortable atmosphere. No one likes spending money on cars, I know, I take it upon myself to make your experience the most enjoyable as possible; if possible, and I always have and will continue to try to keep costs at a minimum to you, but I will never substitute safety and the well being of my customers (friends).

As cars get more sophisticated and technological, they might break down less, but they are more complex then ever and still need to be maintained regularly. A technician that is knowledgeable and confident with any task at hand, on any make, model, or year is a technician you should look for. You also want to find someone honest, trustworthy, and willing to go great lengths to gain peoples trust and satisfaction.

I'm a fully licensed 310S-class automotive technician with over 15 years in the industry (learning, teaching, managing, repairing). I've completed all my schooling at Centennial College, attended numerous training courses to constantly keep up to date with where the industry is and going. With over 28,000 hours work experience, its safe to say your in the right hands.

Ive always been told that your shop is only as good as the tools, equipment, and parts you use. Well i can vouch that I went to great lengths and spent a lot of money to assure that everything in this shop will exceed everyones expectations 100%.

Will there be bumps on the road?? Sure there will...I'm not perfect, cars aren't perfect, but in the end, I’ll make sure that your happy.